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Style Arts Participated GRC Facades Project, PLA HONGKONG CARRISON EXHIBITION CENTER Opened !

Nəşr vaxtı: 2022-01-28 Views: 26

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the PLA HONGKONG CARRISON EXHIBITION CENTER was completed and opened. The theme of the exhibition was "Dream from the East". There were three themed exhibition halls and equipment model exhibition areas: the Chinese Dream, the Dream of the Strong Army, and the Hong Kong Guardian.

The opening ceremony of the Exhibition Center was grandly held at Ngong Shuen Chau Barracks. The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam, the head of the Central Agency in Hong Kong, the leaders of the Southern Theater and the Hong Kong Garrison, as well as officers and soldiers of the Hong Kong Garrison and representatives of Hong Kong patriots and Hong Kong people attended and visited the exhibition.

The Exhibition Center is located at Ngong Shuen Chau Barracks. Style Arts was fortunate to participate in the GRC Facade project, which was responsible for the design development, product production& supply. The participating area is about 10,000 square meters.


For this project, our company worked closely with the team of Academician He Jingtang of the Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT Co., Ltd., including the research and development of various materials, the confirmation of colors, the overall effect of large-scale simulation, 1:1 actual samples and on-site visual effects confirmation, etc. Each step was completed in a high degree of cooperation between the two parties.

After many times of communication and confirmation with Academician He Jingtang and the leaders of the Hong Kong Garrison, our company finally selected a model and a large-scale model.

The GRC Facade has a rich appearance, majestic, clean and solemn.

In terms of design, our company uses three-dimensional design to generate drawings, uses BIM technology to simulate collisions in the production process, and prevents and effectively solves various problems that may occur in the construction process during the design stage, so that project execution is more accurate and efficient.

The Exhibition Center has been completed and opened, and Style Arts was fortunate to be one of the builders. With its persistent pursuit of art, exquisite craftsmanship, and excellent artistic understanding and control, our company has finally successfully completed the task.