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Style Arts İştirak Edildi GRC Layihəsi, Universal Studio Pekin Açıldı!

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On September 20, 2021, the much-anticipated Universal Studios Beijing finally unveiled its mystery. Seven theme parks, two resort hotels, and Universal City Walk were officially opened to the public.
Style Arts is fortunate to participate in the dream-building journey, responsible for the dome, GRC facade, hotel square sculpture and fountain projects of The Universal Studios Grand Hotel; City Walk construction GRC, sales kiosks, catering pavilion, visitor center project; and Mariner portrait sculpture project of Water World.
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图片 2The dome and GRC facade projects of The Universal Studios Grand Hotel
Although the dome project of the H1A Hotel of Universal Studios Beijing is small, it is of great significance. For the H1A hotel dome project, due to the height of the dome (more than 60 meters), there will be a hidden danger of interference to the radar station. Experts suggest that the design of the top structure can meet the non-metallic structure (the metal of the entire project cannot exceed 160KG), and can achieve combustion performance Class A and fire resistance requirements, and meet structural calculations at the same time. Through innovative development of new material ultra-thin GRC, using BIM system to design and demonstrate ingenious structural design, it perfectly solves the difficulties of hotel dome construction: the 12-meter-long single-piece GRC product is used to perfect the shape, and FRP is used as the keel component. With many discussions, practice and support from consultants and experts, the verification was completed, which was highly recognized by the owner.
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GRC Facade project
The GRC facade project of the Universal Studios Grand Hotel in Beijing, with as many as 12 GRC integral colors, with small differences between each color and a variety of dark colors, which brings greater challenges to the control of chromatic aberration. The fine color difference control technology of Style Arts finally realizes the perfect presentation of GRC integral colors.

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The 6-character fountain in front of the hotel is made of ultra-thin GRC materials. Our company adopts 3D models and CNC carving technology to ensure beautiful and smooth modeling lines.
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Mariner Statue
Located in Universal Studios Beijing, The Mariner sculpture is a product of GRP, and the surface is theme painted to replicate the welding effect of metal. This project perfectly solves the complex structure and dimensional accuracy requirements of sculptures through the mature application of 3D models and 3D printing technology.
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图片 10USB City Walk
Beijing Universal Studios City Walk, as the only way for tourists to enter the theme park park, is a comprehensive commercial venue integrating dining, entertainment and shopping.
Style Arts is responsible for the design development and products supply of the GRC project on the facade of the city avenue building. The GRC materials imitate bricks and cultural stones, with weathered and aging effects, which perfectly demonstrate the creative concept of characteristic buildings.
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City Walk sales kiosk, dining kiosk and visitor center project
Application of sheet metal and composite materials. In this project, we conduct comprehensive information management through the 3D model, through the installation and collision simulation of various materials and hydropower systems, repeated inspections in the design development phase of the project, and solves the possible problems of on-site installation in advance, which greatly improves the efficiency of on-site construction.

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The successful completion of the Beijing Universal Studios project is inseparable from the strong support of the owner to our company and the full dedication of Style Arts; our company strictly controls the implementation of every link from design development, product production to on-site construction. The rich engineering design experience of our design team provides a strong technical guarantee for the progress of the project.

Style Arts always maintains the spirit of scientific research and development, and solves problems in innovative and most effective ways through our professional and expertise. Through how to use materials, and how to optimize materials, give full play to product advantages. With the ingenious combination of technology and art, we provide the best implementation plan for the owners.
Style Arts has been highly recognized by the owner and has established a good cooperative relationship with the owner.